the defense of thesis by Ya.Yu.Chernoryzh

October 12, 2020

At the meeting of Dissertation Council D 208.130.03, the defense of thesis by Ya. Yu. Chernoryzh “Resistance and restoration of the sensitivity of tumor cells infected by human cytomegalovirus to the action of antitumor antibiotic doxorubicin” took place, submitted for the degree of candidate of medical sciences in specialty 03.02.02 – Virology.

The thesis was developed in the Federal State Budgetary Institution N. F. Gamaleya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Academic supervisor – Professor A. A. Kushch, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

Official reviewers:

– F. G. Nagieva, Doctor of Medical Sciences,

– M. K. Kukhanova, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

External reviewer: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution, Chumakov Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immune and Biological Products, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The defense was postponed from May 18, 2020 due to unfavorable epidemiological situation in the country.