News from the Academic Council

March 5, 2020
At the meeting of the Academic Council of the Center, scientific reports were presented by the head of the laboratory of chronic viral infections, Doctor of Medical Science L. B. Kisteneva "Persistent herpesvirus infections in pediatrics" and the head of the laboratory of immunobiotechnology, PhD in biological science D. V. Shcheblyakov "New directions in the development and use of monoclonal antibodies for therapy of various diseases (based on reports from the PEGS Europe 2019 summit) ".
February 13, 2020
An expanded meeting of the Academic Council of the Center dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Chief Researcher, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Anatoly Davidovich Altshtein was held at the National Research Center named after the honorary academician N. F. Gamaleya of the Russian Ministry of Health.
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December 26, 2019
The scientific reports of the head of the laboratory for the ecology of rickettsia, PhD in biological science A.V. Kostarniy “Direction of work of the laboratory of ecology of rickettsia "and junior researcher of the laboratory of biology and indication of arboviruses Yu. I. Bulycheva" Study of a new zoonotic paramyxovirus infection” were presented at a meeting of the Center's Academic Council. Main approaches and principles of study. Results of research (authors S. V. Alkhovsky, V. F. Larichev, T. A. Markova, T. K. Dzagurova, and A. M. Butenko).