The Gamaleya Center successfully developed and registered in 2015 two vector-based vaccines against Ebola fever (another vaccine was registered in 2020). The vaccines have been officially approved for use by the Russian Health Ministry. Аbout 2,000 people in Guinea received injections of Gamaleya vaccines in 2017-18. Gamaleya Research Center received an international patent for Ebola vaccine.

References and links for registration certificates, international patents and scientific publications about vaccines developed by the Gamaleya center

1. Gamaleya EBOLA vaccine

Clinical trial:

International Multicenter Study of the Immunogenicity of Medicinal Product GamEvac-Combi

International patents:

International patent WO2016130047A1 Immunobiological drug and method for using same for inducing specific immunity against the Ebola virus

Russian Health Ministry registration certificates:

GamEvac-Combi is a multivalent vector-based Ebola vaccine

GamEvac-Lyo is a multivalent vector-based Ebola vaccine

GamEvac is a vector-based Ebola vaccine

Scientific publications:

Dolzhikova IV, Zubkova OV, Tukhvatulin AI, et al. Safety and immunogenicity of GamEvac-Combi, a heterologous VSV- and Ad5-vectored Ebola vaccine: An open phase I/II trial in healthy adults in Russia. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2017

Dolzhikova IV, Tokarskaya EA, Dzharullaeva AS, et al. Virus-Vectored Ebola Vaccines. Acta Naturae. 2017.

Useful links:

Extract from Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety meeting on 5-6 June 2019, published in the World Health Organization Weekly Epidemiological Record of 12 July 2019

Russian Foreign Ministry press release on the post-registration clinical trials of the Russian Ebola vaccine Gam Evac Combi in Guinea.

Russia and Rusal complete Ebola vaccinations in Guinea. Pharmaceutical Technology.